Saturday, February 12, 2011


I was going to rant about how my chocolate chip cookies were oily, overtly crisp. I was going to rave about the success of my impromptu Garlicky Baked Fries inspired by The Purple Foodie. I wanted to attempt my first restaurant review. 

But I have just read the latest post by David Lebovitz and I’m in an introspective mood. The amount of effort and dedication he puts into his blog seems phenomenal.
I created this blog without scheming and planning for days on end as I usually do. And already my thoughts automatically turn to ‘what will I post next?’ But I now realize that mere content is not enough. I really need to pay attention to the way I write as well as what I write.
So, that’s lesson no. 1 learnt. Thank you Monsieur David. 

In keeping with this spirit, I have decided to give further thought and structure to my blog. How I want it look, what links do I want, what aspects of food do I want to focus on, etc
Hopefully, in the coming days this blog would reflect those decisions. 

 (P.S: Next up, Strawberry Cheesecake...this one better be good!)

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