Monday, July 11, 2011

Everything's Upside Down

So, according to the plan, I was supposed to bake an upside down cake. 
This was an attempt to move away from an exclusive use of chocolate to that of fruits, spices, etc. I am a novice in the area of fruits. They do not excite me much. This experiment further added to the disinterest.
As usual, I had to blog surf to get a recipe..(Someone please gift me a good bake book!) This recipe seemed perfect as I knew that plums and pears were in season. I also added some apples that I had at home. While making the cake itself was a novel experience, I was terribly disappointed by it. The brown sugar did not caramelize well, the fruits were undercooked, the cake batter was still too gooey to be done. The ' Clean Toothpick' moniker seemed to be mocking me.

The only redemption was the taste of the cake. Served in a lumpy mess, my family members quickly polished it off. I also discovered that butter melted with brown sugar in a fruity syrup tastes quite good!!

With this still left to check off my list, I shortlisted this recipe. I purchased all the ingredients. However, I had to leave the city at short notice. 
By now, my brother was tired of hearing me brag about my baking. So, he took it on himself to bake the Banana Upside Down Cake. More like humble pie for me, because it turned out to be superb!! I returned home to a slice of dense, moist chocolatey banana cake topped with perfectly caramelized bananas. The cinnamon added the right touch of flavour to it. So there you are coz 'Anybody can cook' :P  
I, of course, am too traumatized to think about upside down anything!!!

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